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Photo courtesy: Bhanu Thakur (@bhanu257  on Instagram)

Who am I?

Besides the deeper meaning to this painful question, I would like to introduce myself.

Hi! I’m Alice.

I am an artist by passion and character. By profession, I’m still unemployed. Why? Well, life isn’t easy, that’s why.

I’m famous for one line: “With my luck…” and I usually continue this phrase with many different outcomes of occurrences because sometimes we are unlucky. And sometimes, we are Alice.

Alice isn’t my given name. Aisel is my given name. In Azerbaijan, Aisel means ‘moon stream.’ But in fact, my parents named me Asal, which in Farsi means ‘honey!’  Yeah, I’m sweet, I know! But since I was a child, I was called Alice in Wonderland, because I had big dreams. And no matter what life throws my way, I try to remain positive. And, believe me, life throws some bombs. But we all get through our pain. This blog is all about my journey and it’s my honor to share it with all of you. Enjoy and feel free to share and comment.

I call you guys my fellow dreamers. Because I feel that dreams do come true. And the journey to fulfilling those dreams is tough. So please share your dreams with me and we can support each other in this wonderland called life.

Yours Truly,

Alice in Wonderland