The Greatest Illusion

We all think that dreams are illusions of our subconscious. We dream and we think that it is all real, but then we awaken and realize that it made no sense at all. But dreams are actually real. They aren’t tangible, therefore we think them illusions, but they are truths that our minds derive from … Continue reading The Greatest Illusion


The Return

There are no words to describe the pain. The pain of starting over. The pain of leaving all that you cherish behind. The pain of sacrificing your happiness for the sake of others. I will briefly explain my pain. The FRO These three letters- this acronym has torn me to my core. The Foreign Registration … Continue reading The Return


The dream was real. And, therefore, the struggle was even more so. No matter how much my family protested, I was adamant. Why? Because I never give into society’s criticisms. I somehow found solace in the concept that is India. I refer to it as a ‘concept’ because it was so much more than a … Continue reading India