What Is Reality?

Can we see it? Can we feel it? Do we really know what is real and what borders on “fantasy?” We often think with our minds. Spiritual thinking, to many, is believed to be cerebral. But in actuality, spiritual thought is not thought at all. Spiritual thought is not feeling or determining or validating from … Continue reading What Is Reality?


Will They Ever Learn?

That is the question at hand in every generation. It seems that the progression of time has also caused a digression of intellect and enlightenment. We have become too involved in the concept of currently perceived “progress,” that we haven’t even noticed that we have reverted back to primal deviation. Unfortunately, humanity today thinks that … Continue reading Will They Ever Learn?


It is a powerful thing. And it comes in all forms. No matter what you’re doing and no matter where you are, prayer is the perfect therapy. I’m not a particularly religious person. I don’t necessarily believe in a god that controls our life. I believe in energies. I believe that energies drive us down … Continue reading Prayer