What Is Reality?

Can we see it? Can we feel it? Do we really know what is real and what borders on “fantasy?” We often think with our minds. Spiritual thinking, to many, is believed to be cerebral. But in actuality, spiritual thought is not thought at all. Spiritual thought is not feeling or determining or validating from the outside stimuli that surround the being. It is, in all fairness, a reality of itself. That being said, spiritual thought is not conscious thought. When you read these words, you use your consciousness. You know your eyes are moving and capturing these symbols with which you associate sounds and meaning. This is cerebral. I will make you think about what I have presented. But how much farther are you going to go after you have finished reading?

Let’s assume everything around us is not real. Let’s assume that our eyes are actually VR sets, stimulating our reality. Let’s assume our brains are the background instructions or the programming instructions for these realities. Every color you see; every smell you smell; every movement; every sound; they are all just figments of our inner illusions. Do you think you can determine your reality with that of another’s? We are all experiencing this world through our personal windows. Some of us love the city. And we live in the city and see the city as a magical place. Some of us hate the city. Yet we can live in the city and perceive it as dark and lifeless.

Some of us love nature. And we live in nature without any repulses. Some of us need to bring a blanket with us so that we don’t get dirty when we have a picnic. It’s all how you perceive things in this makeshift reality you’ve created for yourself. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but I’m not saying it’s “REAL.” Who’s to say what’s real? Who’s in charge of reality? That is to say, who really understands that what we are is an illusion, and what we were is gone, and what we will be hasn’t even begun to happen?

I only know one thing: Reality isn’t this. It isn’t you reading this. It isn’t what you may be feeling right now. It isn’t what job you have. It isn’t about how many friends you have. It isn’t about family. It isn’t about affluence or poverty. It isn’t the clothing on your back. It isn’t the food you have. It’s not your likes or dislikes. It isn’t about your talent or capability, or lack thereof. It just isn’t.


Reality. Just. Isn’t.

So how can we experience reality? What is it? The fact that we even think about this as a problem already makes it illusive. We can’t see reality. We can’t feel it. Neither can we experience it. We simply have to know that with reality comes REALization. Realization is cerebral. So we can’t be real without our consciousness. We are in a constant state of reality. And that is our biggest flaw. Our constant state of consciousness is our weakness. We think that we see things in 3D, but we actually can’t scratch the surface of what’s real. Because we are in a constant sea of distractions. We are constantly bombarded with stimuli that attract our physicality.

Humans always WANT something.

We always desire something from reality. We always expect something to happen. And this expectation puts in into our consciousness. And therefore, we are driven to meet that expectation. And we believe this to be real. We believe that working for a vision we cannot see in a world that we can see will turn out the way we want it to. But if reality is consciousness, then consciously, we cannot create it. Because consciousness is present. It is the NOW factor.

Fortunetellers told you your future because they thought that if you can consciously see it, then it may or may not happen. And that is why so many people believed that fortunetelling was an honest approach when they were having problems. But the apprehension that something bad can happen is enough for you to make it a reality. Negative thoughts somehow always prevail over positive ones. Which begs the question: is reality driven by negativity?


Yes, it is.

You might be confused. If we want to believe that something great will happen, and if we try to make it happen, will we fail? But you see: that right there- that one tiny question in the back of our consciousness that beckons negativity- is already a means for failure. Our consciousness is a labyrinth of thoughts and energies. And a lot of the time, positive thoughts are coupled with negative ones somewhere in the background. Think of this as a glitch in the VR video game of life.  Sometimes there’s that one level which we cannot get through. It might be discouraging. But really, that’s our own fault. We set ourselves up for failure in the beginning.

But how can we be positive? How can we be totally positive all the time?

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We can’t.

Because we are human. And no matter how much you will be told that humanity is the most advanced species, it still won’t be true. If we were, in fact, superior, we would never worry or fight or take without giving back. In nature, the cycle is very prevalent. Every creature is made, fulfills its purpose, and then destroyed. The earth doesn’t save things that are shiny or deemed “valuable” in our terms. Paintings that sell for millions and are left in a forest for a few years will decompose and become one with the earth again. The Earth doesn’t see you. It doesn’t feel you. It just knows you’re there.

We live in houses that have survived maybe hundreds of years. We write books and tell stories that are passed on forever. We talk about wars and segregation as though it depends on our survival. Somehow we feel that the religion we share with someone else makes us physically eternal. But eternity is a long time. And yet, eternity doesn’t exist. Because when we’re gone, we’re gone. There is no such concept of “our legacy will live on” because memories are not real. They are not a physical consciousness.

But then, consciousness is not real.

And this is not real.

And you and I are holograms in a physical realm of energies.

But aren’t we lucky? Because we can see the sky, the clouds, the trees, the beauties of the Earth; we can hear the sounds of the ocean, the birds, the music; we can feel the gust of cold winds against our faces, the ground beneath our feet, the pain in our knees when we fall down on it; we can smell mother’s cooking, the sweet aroma of a flowerbed, the pungent stench of a herd of cattle; we can taste a ripe yellow mango- its sticky juices dripping down our chins, the bitterness of medicine, the freshness of a glass of water.


This is our illusion. But what a wonderful illusion! We may be in search of what is real. But, why? If nothing is real, then just enjoy the game. Reality will come to you in the strangest of ways. Not through the surface, but somewhere within. Deep within.

So live now, forget your worries, and smile.

Because we are all living our own illusions.

And they can be as lovely as we program them to be, or they can be nightmares. It’s up to us.

Yours always,
Alice in Wonderland.


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