Human Greed and Oppression

We are all addicts.

As humans, we develop a habitual lifestyle. We like what’s comfortable. We can’t see past our imperfections because we don’t sit down to look at them. We only want to block out the ideas we have of ourselves. And the only way we know how to do that is through seeking pleasure.

The differences between materialistic and spiritual pleasure are very different, as I’ve mentioned before. Materialistic pleasures make us needy. We become infatuated with certain pleasures, that we deem them a comfort. And when something becomes comfortable, we don’t want to let it go. We would do absolutely anything to maintain that comfort zone. We build a bubble around ourselves to create a force field of pleasure.

We become addicted to everything we tend to like. If we eat a good slice of pizza, we will go back to the pizza place again. It’s just the way of human nature. We move towards happy things; safe things. The only drawback to this lifestyle is that sometimes the things we love suddenly disappear, and we have no way of anticipating it. Sometimes our favorite pizza shop closes and then we are forced to wander aimlessly, hesitant to eat another slice of pizza again.

Granted, this example is miniscule. Not everyone feels so emotional for a slice of pizza. But imagine taking the leap of faith at a new restaurant, only to be disappointed with their crust-to-cheese ratio, never trusting the so-called Italian treasure ever again.

Here’s the thing:

If we aren’t successful trying to maintain that comfort zone, we let go and move onto a different comfort. It’s kind of like drug addicts do with their liver killing substances. If the body no longer appreciates one drug, it’s time to play up the game.

Humans aren’t afraid to play games with their well-being, their morality, their dignity. They are creatures of very little remorse. This is why religion exists. Religion is the structure that humans utilize to muster up some guilt and keep them in check.

You see, with the case of religious parties, the difficulty about maintaining their bubble of pleasures is increased. Religion states everything according to what can and cannot be done. It’s a clear template of right and wrong. Now, with some greedy individuals, the lines between what’s right and wrong is blurred. They want something that isn’t right, but is it wrong? That is why we have clergy.

Clergy is, in no way, an advocate for righteousness. Clergy itself has its own agenda. You see, even people of the Book are human. So they develop their own bubbles of wanted pleasures. Since they deny themselves true spiritual pleasures like sex and marriage, they face a dilemma themselves. What can compensate for the pleasures they cannot attain according to religion?


Mountains 1
Photo courtesy: Bhanu Thakur

Money speaks volumes. Money is the loudest materialistic pleasure because it is versatile. Money is a neutral medium. Basically, we can use money for anything we desire. Be it right or wrong. Money is the most lethal form of materialism in this world. If you have it, you abuse it. If you want to use it for something useful, someone with more money will stop you.

Why is it that those with more want to give less?

Why are those people, who actually want to make a difference in this world, being held captive by money?

There is no clear way to determine why we become greedy along the line. A perfectly honest individual can wake up to wealth one day and become corrupted. It’s this illusion of power that develops ego. And when ego raises from the depths of the being, there is nothing on this earth that can stop it. It’s like a virus. If not contained, it will spread.

A perfectly honest individual can dream of doing only good with his wealth. And he will try. But those who have been playing the greed game longer—those who have completely removed lines between good and bad—will chase after the honest ones. They will call them naïve. They will take advantage of a good soul so that they can feed off of his energies. And then, once he becomes corrupt, he is no longer a threat. Their pleasures become his pleasures, and suddenly they need to be protected.

It’s not complicated. Being powerful is not a complicated notion. Politics isn’t a complicated concept. It’s a web of lies that were woven to confuse honest people. There are so many notches, so many twists, that those who are uneducated can easily become trapped. But it’s not a complicated idea.

There is only one objective to politics: Manipulation.

They think they can confuse us. They tell us we are safe. They tell us who our enemies are. They tell us that they are fighting for a safer, cleaner planet.

They are not.

At the end of the day, they will sleep with both eyes closed. We will be fighting in the streets because we were dictated to believe in separation. We were dictated to believe in parties of power. We were dictated to believe in violent solutions for non-violent situations. We were dictated to believe that religious differences matter. We were dictated to believe that skin shade determines your importance.

We have to rise above religion. Religion is a set of rules that should be observed in a certain way. The problem with this is that the same rules are observed differently in different religions. That’s why we begin to discriminate.

Religion is a useless idea.

It is the set of rules that every religion dictates that should be observed. Once we understand that the rules in every culture are the same, we will begin to understand each other.

We must rise above what the “Big Guys” tell us, and truly understand others as if they were our own kin.

Photo courtesy: Bhanu Thakur check him out on Instagram!

Are you in?




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