Will They Ever Learn?

That is the question at hand in every generation. It seems that the progression of time has also caused a digression of intellect and enlightenment. We have become too involved in the concept of currently perceived “progress,” that we haven’t even noticed that we have reverted back to primal deviation.

Unfortunately, humanity today thinks that we are the most advanced species on earth. And any enlightened being will tell you otherwise. Humanity believes that since we have invented ways to make life easier and that money plays some sort of factor in the scheme of the universe, we have attained the highest form of power.

The Universe actually doesn’t care about our money. We will never be able to buy our way into a more peaceful standpoint in regards to the spiritual disposition. In fact, we are a very insignificant part of the scheme of the universe.


As I said earlier, humanity can absorb so many different energies; that is why the Universe needs us to keep the earth alive. We are the sponges of the earth. But we have misconceived our duties on earth and it has become a game to us. In the animal world, the more powerful male gets the girl. But they use their own given talents to show it. They take the earth and work with it in order to become powerful. Humanity doesn’t see it this way. Humans believe that nature is only a small part of our strength. That our minds somehow matter. And the truth is, our thoughts don’t matter as much as our third eyes do. If we awaken our spirits and begin to see the earth and the universe in which it resides, we begin to understand so much more.

We begin to grow. Like a flower dances with the spiral of life, we must strive to ascend upwards on the spiral of spirituality. After the physicality of things is over and done with, we who are spiritually evolved will move onto a new world. This earth is allotted a given time in this universe. We will not always be human. And first and foremost, we are only energies. It is my energy that is conversing with yours. My body is only doing its will.

My fingers are typing the perception of my mind’s third eye.

I’m proud to say that I have transcended the notion of humanity. I know that there is more to the larger scheme of things than what I experience with my physical being. Therefore, I feel that I can express it without a sliver of worry that someone will criticize my thinking.

How can a physical being with a one-dimensional outlook criticize the Universe itself? There is no way we can argue what is meant to be. Karma is always in play. And just as humanity thinks it can outsmart Her, She is already one step ahead. The spiral will keep spinning. And the more negative energy we humans accumulate, the farther down the spiral we will drop. And when we are already at the bottom—when we have used all our weapons; once we have destroyed each other through our greed—we will beg Karma to have mercy.

But She’s laughing already. She’s giving us subtle signs trying to wake us up. Of course, if we were more in tune with the spiritual realm, we would already understand them. But since most of the beings that need to be awakened are those greedy, careless tricksters, She is playing a game with them as a rebuttal.

The earth is warming up. The impostors have dubbed it “Global Warming” in order to warn us to keep producing unnatural alternatives to utilize the sun’s rays so we can have a pleasurable life. They say that this is a way of “going green,” but in fact, it is angering the Sun Goddess Herself. So She is pulling us closer to her so She can swallow us up. That is the reason for global warming. You see, the Sun is a mother and a father. She warms us and she lights our paths. She/He gravitates us around Herself/Himself so we can all benefit from Her/His rays.

But when a child is bad, a parent will reprimand them.

First comes the warning:

“Don’t make me come over there!”

If the child still digresses,

“Here I come. This is your second warning.”

The child is laughing now. You love me too much to reprimand me, he thinks. This is a game, isn’t it?

“You asked for it.”

A parent doesn’t want you to fear them. A parent wants you to share with them. Mother Parvati wants us to share our troubles with Her. Father Shiva wants us to understand the truths of the universe. But as soon as we begin to err from the proper duties that was put upon us by the Universe, Mother Durga becomes angry. She doesn’t want to hurt us. But She must become Kali in order to show us that we are not the ones running the world. Shiva doesn’t want to stray from his meditation, but if we fail to open our third eyes, He will arise and dance.

Time is struggling to make a deal with Karma. He is trying to slow our demise. He is, in fact on our side. But Karma is angry. Every day, the more enlightened some of us get, the more we try to enlighten others who won’t listen, Karma becomes less and less patient. She is pushing Time ahead now more than ever.

She is looking at us, she is finding us enlightened ones, and she is calling upon us to take a stand together.


Will we save the planet?

Will we try and fail?

Rest assured, those that are enlightened will beg her for help. We are above humanity. We reside in the universal realm.

WE will live on.

Where will YOU be when Kali comes?

Will you be holding our hand?
Or will you be chasing your money and your weapons for one last fight?

We That Care


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