It’s Been a While

I have some news.

I failed in life.

I hate myself.

I hate this world.

I hate human ego.

I hate this faulted system of government.

I hate favoritism.

I hate precedency.

I hate materialism.

I hate money.

I hate social protocol.

I hate this life.


I can’t be positive today.

Once a being is enlightened, and once he looks at how much humanity has ruined this world, he no longer has the desire to live in it.

I no longer have the desire to live in this mess we call a world.

Where poor people roam, their bellies aching with hunger.

Rich people only getting richer.

Women begging their Gods to become mothers.

Other women killing their unwanted children.

Men laying their hands on their wives out of drunkenness.

Men telling us lies about peace.

Men blaming their evil doings on the less fortunate.

Rich people accused of terrible things but never brought to justice because they had money to keep things ‘hushed.’

Terrorism being blamed on a religion that promotes peace.

Terrorists being paid by the big countries to promote their evil doings in the name of God.

God himself. An idea derived by humanity to instill fear in those in meager circumstances.

Religion. An abomination to the universe.

I hate religion.

I hate humankind.

There is nothing kind about humanity.

We are not the greater species.

Humans are the garbage of the earth.

Animals will relish when humanity disappears.

The trees will grow happily again.

The money those proud, fat rich people hold so close will burn with them.

Those very terrorists that laugh at our fear will cower from the hand of the Universe

They will cower in the eyes of Shiva. Because Shiva is nothing. Fear is based on nothing. And into nothingness we will fall.

I will embrace Shiva. Because I have no qualms against HIM.

Look at yourselves and make sure you know in which direction you are headed.

Because Shiva will embrace everyone someday.

Will your energy be reused?

Or will it destroy everything you know to be dear?

I know my energy will create life.

I know those who think they are above others will end up causing their own demise.


I have nothing positive to say.

The world has failed me.

My land has failed me.

The system is flawed.

And someday it will fail too.

I will be far away when that happens. I will be dancing with Shiva.

Will you be with me?

Or will you be the floor upon which we will dance?

Are you in?



The Voices of the Unheard.


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