What Do We “Know”?

Some of us like to boast about what we know. If we have a PhD, we are considered cultured; intelligent. Are we? Do we really “know”?

Knowledge is actually a cerebral affair. If you feel like you know something, it is because you were taught. Intelligence is something completely different. Intelligence is derived from the inner world. We become intelligent beings when we remove the idea that what we were taught was actual fact.

Fact itself is used to call upon your logic. Science tests your logic. Logic then becomes a religion. People become entrapped in the notion of seeing things logically. To them, there is no God. To them, they only believe what they see proven.

But even logic is a system of brainwashing in itself. When we go to school, you are told that a font of wisdom can be found in the books we read. So we begin to read them religiously. We begin to piece the puzzle. We begin to become inspired by the methodologies. And we think this is enough.

From the moment we can understand, we are taught to talk. From the moment we are taught to count, we are taught to read. From the moment we are taught to read, we are taught to write. And it’s this way not that way. And we are raised to believe in it. We are brainwashed from the start.

Do I condemn the entire system of knowledge?


Yes, I do.

Before you question my sanity, think to yourselves. I do not know you. I do not know what languages you may speak. I do not know what you find enjoyable in this life. But we can all agree on one thing: We were taught as kids. Were we not? We were taught that we have to do well in school so we could graduate and become smart. And when we become smart, we will get a good job with lots of money and we will be able to buy a house and a car and have a family.

Were we not drilled as children?

Did we not think we were smart when we were to encounter a younger party and we were to mock their ‘knowledge’ because we now ‘know’ so much more?

And here’s the real puzzle: When we became so “smart”, did we suddenly become dumb enough to take a robotic job and develop a robotic routine for the sake of utilizing our “knowledge”?

When did “knowledge” become a path to “religion”?

What is religion?

Is it belief in God?

Is it belief in Science?

And if it is a belief, then why do we think we “know”?

If we believe, does that make it true?

Or is it ego that makes it so?

We are blind. We weren’t always blind. The first breaths of birth are the truest forms of knowledge. When we are conceived, we “know”. We “know” we have to grow in the mother’s uterus. We “know” when we are ready to enter the earthly realm. We “know” to breathe and cry when we are released. We were able to communicate without a word. But the passing through the birthing canal and materializing into the state of consciousness blinds us.

And when we awaken in this material state, our mothers tell us that we were “smart” babies. We cried when we were hungry. We cried when we were dirty. We cried when we were sick…

And this is “smart”?

When we were in the belly, we were in the truest form of meditation. We replenished ourselves in the womb. We were created from the inner world. We had no contact with the outside. We even discerned what was proper to enter our beings in terms of sustenance. But then we “awoke” and we forgot. We forgot the truth. We forgot the reality because we were “taught” it.

Spiritual awakening means nothing to those who are believers in logic. They think that if they cannot comprehend it, then it is unanimously untrue.

Even using the term to me is demeaning to the action. It is not a Spiritual Awakening. It is simply a RE-Awakening.


Forget everything. Forget everything you are “taught”, and reawaken into the true realm of consciousness. Forget your ‘religion’ for a moment and forget your ‘God’. Reawaken to your ‘Universe’. Stop asking questions. Stop assuming. Stop believing.

Just stop everything. Close your eyes, block your ears, release your breath, and revert yourself back to the initial state of being. And forget the rules. Forget what you are supposed to do. Forget what you “know”. Because those of us that “know” don’t express it.

Can I tell you what I “know”? No I cannot. Because no matter how hard I try to express it, it will not be accurate in this limited form of communication. Can I tell you how to attain that knowledge? I don’t know how I got to that stage myself. It was all my thirst to forget. I wanted to forget this world. I wanted to believe that something better was out there. I wanted to know that I was safe. I didn’t want to hear about war, famine, trauma, or politics. I didn’t want to have an ‘opinion’ on matters.

I wanted the consciousness to stop for a moment. I wanted not to feel that I was living. I wanted to “know” that I was alive. There’s a difference.

Here on earth, life ends after death. That’s what we are “taught”. We are made to believe that when the body dies, the soul passes into a heaven or another life. That’s not true at all. When we are born, that is when the soul dies. The soul is actually not a soul. It is our “knowledge” that dies. Our energy dies when we are born. We love only because our energy is trying to revive itself. Our energy attaches to other energies. It is trying to escape. In every moment of material living, our energy is trying to move on. But as humans, we try to appease it. We try to make the body happy so that our inner energies don’t try to release themselves.

We are containing our energies with “knowledge”. Our body is trying to convince our spirits that we “know” something now. Now we are equal. Body is now “smart” like spirit. And then our ego grows. And the cage gets thicker. And we walk the earth as all-knowing, stupid people.

In every religion, this is discussed. But it is discussed in the opposite sense.

In Judaism, the neshama (soul) suffers on this earth inside the guf (body). And in order for the neshama to move into heaven, we must take care of the guf by serving God with the rituals and making the guf happy so that the neshama will be happy. We must learn Torah in order to make the neshama happy. Because when we “know” then we are good servants of God.

The initial part was true. The spirit does suffer. Because it is dormant. When it is within the human being, the energy no longer plays a role. It is just the spark. When we are conceived, it is because our mother’s energies and our father’s energies joined and were finally free for a moment. All that life that is going on within the mother’s universe is actually the happiest our energies can be. Our auras want to create life. So we grow in happiness and then we are born into consciousness. That’s when we take a step back and we allow the human to live. We give it its time. And then we begin to shrink as the human grows. We shrink down to a mere whisper, and after that, to a mere OM.

The moment that the human begins to question its age, its existence, its mortality, is when we begin to grow again within. We begin to shout: “Let us out!” But the human becomes afraid. And it squashes us back down. It buys itself something shiny or something sweet and we are gone again. Lost within.

But we are lucky on special occasions. When a human falls completely, ready to let us go, and allowing us to reawaken. What happens within and without is amazing!

Human and spirit are now both conscious! We are both alive. We are both happy. We live “knowing” of each other’s existence. And now we don’t need to speak anymore. We don’t need to explain ourselves. When we come into contact with a dead energy, we just let out a small prayer in the form of a breath. And we move on.

Reawaken yourselves, dear dreamers.

Body and spirit can coexist.

Relinquish your fear and give into the inner OM.

Love, live, “KNOW”.

Yours forever,

Alice in Wonderland.



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