Small Minds Attack People, Broad Minds Attack Ideas

You know? We all believe in something. We have to. Actually, someone who doesn’t believe in something is someone who has no hope. The moment we begin trusting in something, we develop a personality. We develop our individuality. But at the same time, we open doors for debate. My beliefs may not agree with yours. Therefore, we may come into a battlefield of the minds and perhaps we may hurt one another.

It could be with words or with actions, but it’s the differences within us all that keep this earth going. Unfortunately, people take the differences too seriously and then there begins a war of the minds. But after the war of minds, if they cannot sway you, they turn to war of the physique. They think that if they got rid of our bodies, then our minds would no longer be prevalent.


Ideas are a terrible thing. All our lives, we are taught ideas. We are taught morals, lessons, stories, sciences—and all are taught by humans like us. And we take our teachers’ words for it. We sit, mesmerized, learning about history and mythology. Our eyes gleam as children to hear magical stories from the Bible or the Torah or the Mahabharata or the Quran as though it was solid fact. And from a young age, we are manipulated to believe in nonsense. We really think that a great saint once stood against a lion and split its body into two. We really believe that a sea split and an entire nation walked through it. And we defend it. And if anyone was to challenge us, we become verbally violent. Maybe as children, we would even shove the object attacking our beliefs.

Those of us with like ideals would join together and sit separately from the others. We would learn one thing: We are the Chosen Ones. No other nation is like ours. No one else deserves to live. Everyone that doesn’t believe what we believe is an outsider. And they will be punished somehow. And we live in fear of those unknown to us. We are drilled as youngsters to fight against those who are different than us. We are drilled to hate. We are drilled to destroy. We are drilled to laugh at others and think them unworthy.

We learn as children that humanity is the superior species. Because we can talk, think, and act all on our own. We conquered the world; therefore, we are on top of it.

We are not.

Not only are we not the superior species, we are nowhere near superiority.

We can talk? Every creature can talk. We don’t understand them just as they don’t understand us. We communicate just like they do. Talking isn’t a great feat.

We can think? And what has our thinking got us? You may come to me and tell me that if we didn’t think, we would have not discovered things that nobody else knew before us. If not for our intellect, we wouldn’t have science. We wouldn’t have technology. We wouldn’t have civilization.

Science? Science to me is another word for “over-thinking.” Someone sat under a tree and an apple fell on his head, so he discovered ‘Gravity.’ Well here’s some news: Gravity already existed before the discovery. And how is it that we must know how we stick to the earth if what we do on it is destroying it? We over-analyze everything. We have to ask questions because otherwise, we won’t be human. If we don’t question our existence, then what are we as organisms?

You see, we have to think. We have to ask. Because we aren’t as privileged as the others. The others know about the ways of the universe. They don’t need to go looking for more. Therefore, they are content. We are never satisfied. It is our greed and our egos that run this world. And so they need to be. Because without us, this universe wouldn’t exist.

You think we have free will. But we actually don’t. We are on this earth for one purpose. And it’s not the purpose we have learned as children. We aren’t here to be servants of “God” and pray to him three to five times a day. We are on this earth to accumulate energies. We are the only beings that have this ability. We are kind of the circulation system of this universe. We must accumulate the proper energies and then release them into the universe once again. We are the breath of the Earth.

But we are not at the top. We are essential, but only because the others already evolved to the point that they don’t have to work hard to maintain the earth. They already did their part. This is why trees don’t move. They are the epitome of evolution. They don’t even need to speak. They don’t need to communicate with the others to know. They already know. And that is why they are at peace. The lion is not the king of the jungle. He is still on his way up. He isn’t ready to evolve yet.

Actually, everything we learned as children is not true at all. We don’t know truth. And therefore, we question things even after everything we have learned. There is no way of knowing, because we can’t know. We are only the circulatory system of the earth. The heart cannot digest food. The heart has its own job. As do we.

If the heart decides to stop beating, the body will stop existing. If the stomach decides to spill its acid out to the organs to help them, it would destroy them instead. We cannot take matters into our control because it is not our earth to take. We are only organs in this organism called the Universe. We are the heart of the Earth, so we cannot act as the brain.

Don’t feel discouraged, though, my fellow dreamers. Because, even though we are still on our way to evolution, we still exist. And let’s make this existence a great one.

Let’s stop destroying the Earth and start rebuilding it.


Let’s start healing and stop hurting.

Are you in?


Alice in Wonderland


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