Listen To the Universe

It lives around us. It is the ultimate truth. But we often overlook it. It is our Mother and our Father. It runs the earth and the universe in a harmonic chaos, which we often mistake for ‘The Law of Nature.’


It is the Primordial OM.

It is the sound of the universe. The truth is, there is no “Law.” Law of nature doesn’t exist. The word law is actually a word derived by humanity to explain order of things. But in actuality, nature doesn’t follow order. This is why we exist. We are humans; our makeup may be the same- maybe that is why we mistake it for “Law”—but we are all different. A cell is a cell. It is the base of our organism. It is the basis of the universe. But after that, it is energy that molds us into our form. Our forms are the same essentially, because the energies we acquire are those that only our forms can acquire.

That is all in context of “Om.” It means that we are living on this universe as a species that follows no law. But instead, we follow that energy and we flow with it. The moment we begin to expand ourselves and explore the energies around us is the moment we begin to see our form changing. Can we expand our absorption to evolve into a more developed species?

Yes, we can. In fact, we have.

Humans have not always existed. The evolution of our species proves this. Why is it that we are now unable to comprehend the fact that we will eventually evolve? Are we so blinded by power and false ‘intelligence’ that we believe we will exist until the end of time? And what is stopping us from evolving now? Are we ready?

Yes, we are blinded by ego. We have absorbed the energy that induces ego. This is actually known as the “God Complex.” Since we are conscious beings, we tend to think of ourselves as more empowered. But our minds are actually what holds us back.

A good artist or musician will tell anyone that when they are painting or playing a tune, they actually turn off their minds. When we convert everything into a ‘cerebral’ affair, we are already setting ourselves up for failure. Beauty is seen in that which is imperfect. That which is untamed. That which is wild and free.

But we humans… we want everything to be just so. We plant trees in the same manner. They all line the street looking the same. And suddenly the magic is gone. But we can’t tame Mother Nature. That tree will grow as it pleases. We will cut its branches to prune it and make it ‘safe’ for civilians. But the tree will continue to grow in spite of this. You want a manicured lawn? You think grass looks best when it’s cut to a 2 inch length? Why don’t you let it grow out and see what it becomes? It will transform into so many beautiful things. But we don’t allow it to.

It is our ego. We think that we are the greatest and most developed species. And as such, we expect to bring order the world. We strive to write the “Law” of the earth. And we forget from where we have come. We forget that it is not the “Law” of nature that runs this world. The scientific terms mean nothing. The earth changes. The earth breathes. The earth lives. And everything in life is temporary. As are we. As are the animals around us. As are the energies we absorb. Energies change as our moods change. The moment we begin to feel sad, we beg for the positive energies. But it is no longer unadulterated positivity that we need. After all, there is no more pure energy in this material world.

You will only find pure energy in the places where man has not left his mark. In those places, we must come as visitors, and we must leave as a passing breeze. We may not taint the land upon which we live. Because after a while, this earth will say:

“I’ve had enough of your antics, humanity. I will give you the chance to redeem your energies. And after that, you will disappear.”

We humans are afraid. We fear of the disorder that will ensue lest we give up control. The trees will grow everywhere. The grass will get taller. The animals will return. We will grow old. And we will die.


But that will happen anyway. We all follow the circle of life. We all go from OM to HUM. We go from birth to death. But we don’t realize that fearing it is futile. We go about our lives fearing what will happen eventually instead of stopping the things that we can stop.

Like war. War is not inevitable. This is because war is not natural. The reason why greenery will grow through the pavement cracks is because this earth is alive. The earth is natural. And the earth will keep growing. But war is unnatural. The only time politicians will say it was ‘inevitable’ to fight is when they had something that they didn’t want to give away. Or the other side had something it didn’t want to give away.

It’s a child’s game, you see. I find something and automatically claim it to be mine. And if you want it, you will cry for it. And then you will hit and fight until you get it.

Tell me. What have you achieved? You see, you fought me for something that wasn’t mine in the first place. And then you claimed it to be yours. Only for another child to come and cry and fight to get it.

The earth doesn’t belong to us. We are visitors. Humanity won’t last forever. It is our chance now to make a change. Not as a big organization claiming that if you pay money, they will stop the rainforest from being cut down. They won’t do much. It is up to us to do things on a micro-level. Individually, we must take it upon ourselves to make the proper decisions. We must expand our chakras to absorb the proper energies. We must look beyond what we see. We must look beyond what we think. Our minds are weapons. We must shut them down and close our physical eyes. We must open our third eye and reawaken our energies.

But I’m not one to force you to do it. I have no right for that. I am a wanderer on this earth as are you. But if you decide to join me, join me on the Himalayas. The untainted Himalayas. We will experience Shiva in the truest form.

 We will understand what Shiva means.
“That which is nothing.”
Are you in?
Are you ready to evolve?
Because I am evolving already.
And let me tell you, dear dreamers…
It’s simply wonderful!


Love, Peace, Life,
Alice in Wonderland.


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