What Happens When We Try Too Hard?


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 Nothing happens at all. No matter how invested we become in achieving a specific goal, if we overdo it, we already set ourselves up for imminent failure. The problem with trying too hard is that we lose ourselves in the process of searching for things that we don’t have in order to achieve goals that are far away.

I’m not saying that we have to give up trying. The opposite is crucial. Try hard. But not too hard. We all have to work for our happiness. Happiness doesn’t just come to us. We are naturally attracted to negativity, as I’ve mentioned before, so we have to work double time to remove that negativity and reinstate a positive atmosphere around us. When we are trying to achieve something, and when we are investing our whole being into accomplishing one sole purpose, we are already exposing our chakras to the wrong energies. But we are also exposing ourselves to positive energies.

So what we end up with is a mixture of energies that oppose each other and cause us to wear down really fast. Stress is a result of working too hard. Some things don’t require our constant attention. In fact, a break is actually recommended. When you begin to feel like you are frozen in your progress, that’s when you should get up and take a walk. We need to regroup our energies and release the bad vibes. We need to detox our chakras and start over again.

Photo courtesy Bhanu Thakur. 2016

Taking a hiatus from a stressful situation isn’t a sign of weakness. You have to understand yourself. You have to have the proper discernment of your threshold. Sacrificing yourself for the wrong reasons is wrong altogether. If you feel guilty about something, you will not compensate for it by sacrificing your inner peace and sanity. We all make mistakes. We all have a glitch in judgement sometimes. Sometimes our logic gets ahead of our abilities. Sometimes, we think that sacrificing ourselves is actually the proper thing to do, for the sake of others, but in actuality, it can seriously harm us.

When you make sacrifices for family and loved ones, you have to also know where to draw the line. Some of your friends and family will use your stature in their lives as a means of manipulation. Now this manipulation might be perfectly reasonable. But the moment that it becomes more of a judgement contest, that’s when you should know to step back.

I made a mistake in my life recently that I cannot undo. But that doesn’t mean that I cannot compensate for it. In my own way, that is. In a way of which I know will not harm anyone. I’m not only looking out for my own well-being. People confuse this in those of us who are aware of their energies to be selfish and unyielding. Let me be clear about us ‘Energy Conscious’ folk:

We are not selfish. We don’t have a huge ego. And the LAST thing we want to do is hurt anyone.

We are simply aware. We see our environment and we make assessments every day. We do not like to complain out loud. So we cry silently, or we meditate, or we release our anger in other forms of what may seem to you as ‘obsessions.’

The only difference between our obsessions and those of society that doesn’t accept us is that our obsessions are healthy. We obsess about love, we obsess about health, we obsess about peace. But those who think that calling somebody a “filthy tree-hugger” obsess about hatred, they obsess about money, they obsess about cowardice using warfare as a means to alleviate simple matters.

People who don’t understand the law of absorbing the proper energies also get caught up in fads.

Diet fads, lottery, collecting weapons, sex in the most disgusting of manners, products that “enhance” almost anything, and any ‘quick fixes’ are just some of the pathetic things that can lead us straight into failure.

Diet fads mean holding back from something unwillingly because we cannot control our urges. But the problem with this is that the moment the diet is over, where will we run to? Not a carrot, I’m sure. And what pays more? A lottery win, or the amount of money we spent on tickets? Weapons mean safety? In what twisted mentality do weapons actually make things better? Weapons in general shouldn’t even exist. And yes, it’s always fun to experiment sexually. But the minute we begin to tally up our sexual conquests is the minute that we are focused on winning rather than succeeding. Sex is not a game. It’s an act of love and the deepest connection you will ever make. Every invention that helps us do less is an invention determined to stop us from seeking energy. Once we lose faith in our own abilities and we look towards some ‘quick fix’ to make it all better, we destroy the equilibrium of energy within us.

I’m harsh, I know. But I’m not selfish. I’m not trying to offend. I’m trying to open some eyes. An egoist would tell me that I’m being rude and judgmental. Someone once told me that I always want to be right about everything and don’t let others put their opinions forth. That is not true. I let you voice your opinions and I strongly encourage it. I encourage free living. Live as you like. But I am in no way obligated to accept your methods of violence if I don’t have to. And neither do you have to accept my theories.

I never condone fascist actions by any group of people. I never encourage vegan brutality and bullying. Just because we choose to live a certain way doesn’t mean we have the right to hurt others in their way of life. But there are certain things that go on that I completely disagree with. And those things need to be met head-on.

Stop violence.

Stop the lies.

Stop bloodshed.

We are not your guinea pigs.

We are not your pawns.

We are all human beings trying to survive.

On that note, dear dreamers, please take care of your beings. And the right energies will come to you. Take it easy. Follow your dreams. And take lots of walks.

Love, always,

Alice in Wonderland


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